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The A1C Shift Method

The A1C Shift Method is a 7-week online course that allows T1Ds to lower their A1Cs, gain real control, and stay in range long term.

What's inside:

**In every module you will get video presentations, worksheets & templates

  • Module 1:  The Grounding Phase
    • We're starting with a blank slate so you can better understand yourself and what you need to reach success.
  • Module 2:  The Testing Phase
    • Strip away the variables to make sure your baseline is strong.
  • Module 3: The Observing Phase
    • Understanding how multiple factors relate to each other and how they're impacting you specifically.
  • Module 4: The Building Phase
    • Now you're seeing stable numbers, you have a strong base, you're self aware… it’s time to actually build the habits you need to keep moving
  • Module 5: The Adapting Phase
    • Apply everything you’ve learned to literally any situation.
  • BONUS MODULE: Recentering During Overwhelm + Next Steps
  • BONUS TOOLS: Course Syllabus + Calendar download
  • BONUS ACCESS:  Online communication with the LB Coaching Team and group support calls throughout the year

The A1C Shift Methods have worked for 300+ of my past T1D clients. It'll work for YOU too.

What The A1C Shifters are saying:

“Today I had my 1st endo appointment since I implemented your methods and my A1C went from a 8.8 to 7.2!!! I still want to keep lowering this but I haven't been lower than 8 in years so this is amazing!!!!”

Misti M.

“I have many wins! My weekly average was a 98% and my A1C went down 3.4%. I am learning to be more comfortable being in the 80-120 range. Also I have been going to the gym in the high 90's without fears of going low because I trust my basal rate. I've never had this type of confidence in my diabetes before! ”

Adriana P.

“Wanted to let you know I'm killing it over here! My A1C was a 7.6 in December, down from a 8.5 in July. Also checked my Clarity App and my 14 day average was a 7.0 with an 156 avg bg. Thanks for all your help! ”

April W.

“Shedding some happy tears right now! Just left endo and my A1C was a 6.8 down from a 7.5 !”

Michaela C.

“Just went to the endo and my A1C was down to a 6.6 from a 8.4 my last visit!!! So happy and proud of myself :) so grateful for what i've learn from Lauren methods! ”

Brooke C.