The T1D Family Experience Video & Guide

An Integrative Approach to Taking Care of Yourself, Your Child and Diabetes

T1D impacts EVERYONE, but you CAN welcome spontaneity and adventure into your family without T1D getting in the way.

Are you feeling fearful about the short and long term health of your child, or weighed down by constant worrying? Are you losing sleep as you try to care for your child or grieve their loss of a “normal” life? 

The healthcare system gets your family to the starting line, but does it prepare you for the race itself?

We know you are doing A LOT and in this video we'll help you get back some energy, develop manageable strategies, and feel supported

What’s Inside?

This free video will help you begin to look at your entire family’s relationship with diabetes and gain tools for a healthier lifestyle.

Lauren Bongiorno, Head Diabetes Health Coach and founder, will give you the support you’re looking for and share tips to get started on your family’s new, holistic journey with T1D.

PDF Download: What We Wish Our Parents Knew: messages from the T1D community to caregivers everywhere.

When Lauren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 7 years old, the cure was “just around the corner.” As she grew up, she and her family quickly realized that they couldn’t sit around and wait for that day to figure out how to live a full life despite diabetes.

Lauren’s pivotal moment in her own T1D journey was when she was a junior in college, and was celebrated by her doctor for achieving a 5.7 A1C, even though she didn’t feel healthy or happy in her own body.

In that moment, she realized that success with diabetes is commonly viewed only as a set of numbers, and that it doesn’t take into account personal relationships with food, body, mental health, and each person’s unique needs, lifestyles, and patterns.

From there, Lauren went on to find empowerment in her life by creating more awareness of her mindset and behaviors and how they are connected to diabetes. Once she brought all of these pieces together, everything in life shifted.

You can visit her website at and connect with her on Instagram @riselyhealth


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